Clean out your sprayer after use

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

pressure_sprayer Common sense someone is screaming at that headline for sure and while it may, indeed, be common sense many of us don't do it. And that includes me and I have ruined a good sprayer that way, and I mean entirely ruined beyond any possibility of fixing it.

Clean out your sprayer, whatever kind, therefore, after every use as some materials, as I found out, are corrosive in the long run and even the not so long run and can damage the nozzles, the pump, etc.

As I said, I found that out to my peril, or better that of my sprayer, when I left some home-made herbicide, based in vinegar and sodium chlorate, in it for a couple of weeks. The sprayer died as a result of this and new one was needed.

This was unnecessary and caused simply by thinking that no harm could be done. How wrong I was.

Therefore, as a reminder: Always empty the sprayer and clean with lots of clean water. Only then put it away, and do this even if it is only going to be put away for a week or so. Much damage can be done in already a short space of time.

© 2012