Repurpose® Compostables launches greenest coffee cup in the world

Product Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Revolutionary, new, plant based, insulated, compostable One Cup requires no sleeve or double cupping, making it the greenest hot cup on the market, with the exception, I would like to add, of reusable cups such as and especially KeepCup.

Repurpose® Compostables, a manufacturer of premium, high quality food service products, based in Los Angeles, has, in the beginning of 2012, launched their new One Cup, the exciting new insulated hot cup that is 100% compostable. No more double cupping. No more sleeves. The insulated technology keeps hot beverages warmer for longer, and prevents heat from escaping the cup, protecting the user and creating a more comfortable feel with only one product. The revolutionary new One Cup requires no sleeve, uses 65% less CO2 than a traditional cup to produce, and can be composted in 90 days. The One Cup uses FSC-Certified paper, the highest standard for sustainable forestry, and is certified compostable.

When it says “certified compostable” this refers to, at least in my understanding, to compostability in commercial composting facilities, aka hot composting. While such “certified compostables” do, eventually, compost in a normal composter or compost heap it may take several years to do so. And it is the same with plant-based plastics, whatever anyone might wish to tell you.

Traditional insulated cups are made by adding additional layers of paper; however, the Repurpose One Cup does the same with our patented insulation material on a single wall cup. This high quality food service product finally offers the greenest possible alternative to Styrofoam and non-compostable insulated cups.

Repurpose products are made from plants, not petroleum, using Ingeo™ resin and meet ASTM 6400 compostability standards. Founded in 2009, Repurpose® Compostables offers a line of high quality, compostable food service products for businesses and consumers. Repurpose also offers custom products solutions in every category. Our mission is to educate the public about the problems of continuing to use petroleum based plastic products and offer renewable, plant based, compostable alternatives. Additionally, Repurpose works with businesses, municipalities, and individuals to retrofit any traditionally plastic based product with a bioplastic alternative at competitive prices. Find out more at

Let me reiterate once again: Compostability with regards to bioplastics of any kind refers to the ability to be composted in a commercial hot composter within three to twelve months and not, repeat not, in a domestic composter or compost heap.

However, this material will break down well in a landfill facilities simply because of the fact that landfills are, in fact, rather hot inside. One of the reasons they often – at least in third world countries, catch fire.

Repurpose® Compostables' One Cup is a great alternative to the old style paper or worse still Styrofoam cups but it is and remains a disposable and we should educate people rather to use reusables, as KeepCup is doing with its products.

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