Hydro-fracking of shale gas in UK to continue regardless

Hydraulic fracturing of rock to extract natural gas enclosed there to continue regardless of any consequences UK government says

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In the pursuit of continual growth and more and more energy consumption and consumption per se we continue to destroy the Planet without any concern as to the future. The only future capital, and our governments who are in their pockets, are interested in is more and more growth for them.

If we destroy – and we are indeed doing so – the environment for short term gain and business as usual as far as our consumption of energy is concerned – we destroy our very base. There is no Planet B, even though idiots like Professor Hawkins thinks mankind can resettle on some distant star in the solar system. When are we going to understand that we have only one Earth?

The governments are simply not prepared – at l;east most of them are not – to look at renewable alternatives to fossil fuels and to tell the people that they have to change their ways.

Methane from landfills and sewage works, etc., would be one natural gas option and alternative. But for our governments energy (security) means but coal, oil, gas and nuclear. Understandable, as the oil and nuclear industry give our politicians nice backhanders.

In addition to this the majority of the people also can see nothing else, as they have been brainwashed into believing the need for ever more growth.

Those of us who understand the implications and the way a new eco-society need the fervor of Mormon missionaries in order to educate the rest and we need all the success possible in this endeavor of educating the masses or mankind and our Planet are but doomed.

There is no Planet B. There is only one Earth.

© 2012