Paint everything Green!

At last, a truly eco-friendly paint is available in the UK – and it has the same base that our forefathers used centuries ago – Linseed oil.

Histocolour specialises in supplying this excellent paint which is unsurpassable in both quality and in its “green” credentials.

Before the introduction of modern paints, which are petrochemical, solvent based, linseed oil was recognised as the perfect paint base for internal and external works. Extensive research today has proved that they were right!

Why use linseed oil paint?
• It penetrates the surface – giving a longer life span
• Easy to maintain – a simple wipe of the surface with linseed oil
• Natural product – leaving no harmful waste residue
• No paint failure – no build up on the surface so allowing moisture to escape
• Protects buildings – it preserves wood very well

In addition, linseed oil paints now have a similar drying time to modern paints and a high gloss finish can be achieved by applying more coats. Linseed paints cannot easily match the very bright colours of chemical paints but they can last for 50-100 years with minimal maintenance!

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