Upcycle old CDs and DVDs into drinks coasters

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

I am sure many of us have old CDs and DVDs or various kinds laying around the place that are duds, no longer used or simply no longer usable and recycling those is actually not as easy as it is thought.

My favorite way of upcycling them is simple and does not require any tools even. All you need is an old CD or DVD and bingo, a drinks coaster; as simple as that.

I get so many CDs and DVDs with press information at trade fairs and other shows which, after I have extracted the information from them, have no further use, to be honest and as, as I said, they are difficult to recycle because of the silver layer and hence it is best to upcycle them. In fact I have so many I could start a business with them as coasters, methinks.

Turning them into drinks coasters is, as said, the easiest way to upcycle such CDs and DVDs because doing so does not require any tools and processes.

This is a very simple project that is a very good way of keeping such unwanted, no longer wanted and no longer usable CDs and DVDs out of landfills and at the same time one that can save you money. Why buy coasters when you can make them that easily yourself?

© 2009