Eminent Climate Scientists hopes Copenhagen will fail

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

An eminent climate scientist said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that he hopes, and that sincerely, that the climate talk in Copenhagen will fail and at the same time he also stated that the warming has, actually, stopped. But he said at the same time that it would be possible for the warming to begin again at some time in the near or distant future.

So, I would say, is the possibility that it might be getting colder again in the near or slightly distant future.

Finally, whether this was brought about as a result of the “liberated” data – and I say “data” because it was not just emails – from the East Anglia University Climatic Research Unit is not certain, the public gets told as to the findings from an Australian university as to the temperatures having actually plateaued and been stationary since about seven years already and have not risen by even a fraction of a fraction of a degree. It is about time that some people came clean here.

The notion of man-made Climate Change is a theory and an unproven at that in the same way as the CFC-caused hole in the ozone layer over Antarctic.

The scientist is, obviously, hedging his bets when he says that warming could start again at some point. Just in case, I would guess, when politics dictate another attempt to spook people into giving up cars and such like. As if the possibility of peak oil would not enough to scare anyone already.

What would life be life after oil? Hard to imagine presently.

While I must say that, as a non-driver and cyclist/pedestrian, I am very much in favor of a reduced use of cars, trucks, etc. and also diesel trains, and the reduction and finally the discontinuation of the use of fossil fuels, I am against using science or worse still falsifying science in order to be able, on the political front, to stop the use of motor vehicles with internal combustion engines, as a form of “people control”and the burning of coal, oil and gas.

Falsification of science and scientific evidence is also going on and has been going on for ages on other levels and fields too, such as archeology – no, it was not the Vikings who were the first to discover America – and Romani Studies, to mention but those two here.

Most scientific facts are in fact no fact at all but only theories and in recent years we have seen how many of those facts, those scientific findings that have been accepted as given fact, have turned out to be false.

Not always was it a case of falsification of information and such; simply that the theories of the time were presented as definitive truths and now they turn out to be false. The Aztecs who, supposedly, according to all history books and books about them, were bloodthirsty savages and pagans who performed bloodcurdling human sacrifices on an almost daily basis in their temples and new evidence now shows that this can never have been.

As said, this just as examples that science, any type of science, is not something that, in generally, is written in stone but the academics always make it out as such.

So, let us accept that while there is a changing climate all across the globe but the man-made climate change is still a scientific theory and nothing more.

This does not mean that we can go on as we are presently; we cannot. There are aspects that are much more important and which have been displaced by the climate change/global warming agenda.

There are habitats that are disappearing at a terrifying rate of knots and we are concentrating on climate change and certain people are actually claiming that such habitat loss is due to climate change. Most of this is not.

Polluted rivers, lakes and other sources of water are also not due to climate change and global warming and neither is the wholesale destruction by clear-felling of forests, tropical, boreal and other.

Time and again we are now hearing and reading that the action of felling trees is the cause of emissions of greenhouse gases and this is false in formation as well. Anyone listening to such “information” and reading it would be lead to believe that felling trees actually puts CO2 into the atmosphere, and the truth is that, apart from exhaust fumes of the chainsaws there are no emissions.

What, however, happens is that every tree less on the Planet means one less natural carbon sequestration “agent” on the planet. But as to felling of trees causing emissions is a little far fetched.

But, then again, this seems to be going on all over the place presently to blame everything on climate change rather than looking at other problems too.

Yes, the destruction of the forests around the globe has a very serious impact on the CO2 content in the atmosphere but it is due to the loss of trees as natural carbon sequestration agents than anything else and the more trees we lose the more problems we will encounter.

We need more trees and that rather pronto!

Trees, in the form of forests, but otherwise too, are the best way of carbon sequestration, and a proven one, compared with all the supposed sequestration technology which is untried and tested and the greatest danger is that any such carbon storage could go wrong and then release millions of tons of CO2 in one load into the atmosphere.

We need more trees, and that's the short and long of it.

But, let us return at the end here once more to the question of the temperatures and that they have plateaued.

Forecasters of NASA, and this coincides with predictions by the people of the Old Farmers Almanac, who have been right with more than 75% of their long-term predictions over the last century and more of its existence, are suggesting that we are, instead of higher temperatures, are set for a mini ice age to arrive in the next decade or so and if the last mini ice age is anything to go by it could arrive within a year or so.

No, I am not saying that we are going to have an ice age next year. What I am saying that the swing could be fast and very much like the way it happened before.

Apparently, so it has been said, the mammoth that were found in the Russian permafrost were found with food still in their mouths; a sign that they froze instantly, very much like the freezing that happened in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.

No one knows which way we are headed, and not even the scientists, of that we can be sure as well. The problem is that there are so many issues that have been put on the back-burner through the concentration on the global warming/climate change agenda that I just hope that we are not too late to tackle those issues and still rescue something there.

There is the fact that we are producing way too much rubbish and we have run out of holes in the ground. Burning the waste in incinerators that could also create energy would be a good thing to do with all that what cannot be recycled is something, however, that, in the UK, however, gets blocked again and again by the MIMBYs. Other countries succeed much better in that, it would seem.

And the above is but one of the hundreds and thousands of problems that our Planet and the environment and we, as the people, are facing, that also need tackling and not just the climate change that may or may not be something that we can actually do anything about it.

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