Democracy in the EU; RIP

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The recent police actions again mostly peaceful demonstrators at the COP15 Climate talks in Copenhagen, Denmark, show for certain that democracy is dead and buried now in the European Union.

What was the death nail was the fact that all of the Friends of the Earth International delegates had their passes canceled and were expelled from the Bella Center and elsewhere. Nice one, NOT.

The entire COP15 talks have turned out to be nothing but yet another talking shop that could have been done far better via the Internet on secure video links as they wanted to exclude the ordinary people anyway from voicing their concerns.

Internet conferencing would also have been a great deal cheaper, in both financial terms for the tax payers of the nations as well as and especially in carbon emission terms. That aside from the hot air that was emitted during the conference that has harmed Mother Earth more than anything.

On top of this, if any proof be needed that democracy has died in the European Union come the ethnic cleansing of Romani-Gypsy People in Italy, basically condoned by the EU and the Council. Also the state-sponsored and -condoned discrimination against Gypsy People in every member state, and this in all fields and it begins with children going where, just because they are Gypsy, the great majority of them end up, not long after having started school, in schools for the mentally challenged or the educational subnormal, as those institutions are often called in a number of countries; in other places they are just called “Special Schools”.

Other actions too have, in the last couple of months to couple of years shown democracy dying first and now having been buried, and those are the surveillance apparatus put in force against citizens of EU members states from those states as well as a variety of agencies of the Union.

Freedoms and democracy are becoming fast a thing of the past in the European Union despite all the great resolutions and such; the majority of which are but window-dressing.

The latter is a fact that becomes obvious when the Council of Europe and other such bodies openly declare that the fingerprinting of all Gypsies in Italy and that all Gypsy children are made to wear badges identifying them as Gypsy children in Italy.

This is something so very much reminiscent of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s and one would have thought that it would be a thing of the past now. It, alas, is not, and especially not when it comes to the Romani.

However, seeing the way that supposed legal peaceful protesting can now get you rather severely mistreated by police and security thugs and even get you killed it is becoming obvious that many of the predictions of the the European Union was going to turn into that were made some years back in TV programs and books is becoming brutal reality.

Another great pointer to the fact that democracy in the EU has died and has been buried was the fact that when the Irish initially rejected the so-called “Lisbon Treaty”, aka as the EU Constitution, thereby basically setting in end to this Treaty the EU decided to go ahead anyway and basically ordered the government of the Irish Republic to run another referendum and ensure that the vote would return a “yes” and this happened in the end. The Lisbon Treaty then came into effect at December 1, 2009 and the truth is that most ordinary people do not think it a good idea.

Where are we going from here is the most urgent question for as long as we allow the unelected “leaders” of the European Union and its bodies continue to run things the way they do.

Some groups have, I think, the right idea and that is to tell the Council of Europe and the EU per se to go and get lost but those are, unfortunately, not parties that have any chance of winning an election in most countries, neither the UK nor elsewhere, and some groups one would not want to wind an election neither.

Many years ago I said it openly that I was seeing the European Union as a stalking horse for an attempt by the powers that be, on a global stage, to see how far they can go as regards to “global governance”. No one could see it then and too many still cannot see it today.

Some people claim that the United Nations has this aim; that is to say to become the World Government but I do not think the UN, as it is presently, would stand a snowball's chance in hell. Other powers, on the other hand, could be the ones though.

Peaceful demonstrators are seen as terrorists and people taking photographs of certain buildings and places, including journalists are seen and treated as such, and taking photos now of police officers, even as a journalist, can land one in serious trouble, especially in the UK.

In Britain it has become, basically, a crime to take a picture of a police officer in the performance of his or her duty, covered, for some obscure reason, under the Terrorism Act and that could mean that a rather lengthy detention without trial could be the result.

Democracy and freedom has died in the European Union and they now have buried them finally in Copenhagen.

© 2009