What your business card says about you

Using the business card as a statement

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The business card can advertise your cause, be part of being causewired, or, as in my case, make a statement of my cause, e.g. the environment, by having my cards printed on the blank side of former press releases and such like.

For one part of the business, in that case the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW, I have gone further still in that my cards are cut from cereal packs and other card stock that I thus recycle and then the details – without physical address in this case – are printed upon the cards, which have been cut to proper size by using a paper trimmer, with an Ideal stamp.

Such a stamps also allows for being taken along to events and, should the case happen that one runs out of cards, can then be used to leave one's details on other pieces of paper or card, even a beer mat if it is in a color that will allow for the text to be read.

What I hope, especially with the new version of my cards for the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW, that my business card is going to say about me and my beliefs is, “this guy really cares about his impact on the environment” and this is what I do do. I mean care about my impact on the environment.

What does your business- or calling card say about you?

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