52 Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College

by Carolyn Friedman

Because what you do now effects the future, going green in college can influence how you live the rest of your life. Everything from recycling, to using a laptop, to breaking out a caulk gun can literally save tons of carbon emissions. To do it right, check out the below 52 ways to lower your carbon footprint in college.

Automotive Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College

Go beyond Hybrid driving to find out how to get the most out of your car and the least environmental impact.

  1. RideShare : Check out this national site to find a car pool in your area. If you can’t find one, start one of your own. There are also pools for errands, airport, and even cross-country travel to lower carbon emissions even more.
  2. Carpool World : Similar to the above, this site provides a free, worldwide carpool ride matching system. Search by company, community, or school. There are nearly 100,000 users and a commuting mode analysis for miles saved and carbon footprint.
  3. Know Your Grade : Love both your car and the Earth by putting the correct grade of gasoline in your car. An incorrect grade can lead to higher emissions and poorer mileage. This article from Edmunds tells you more.
  4. Change It Up : Maintain low carbon levels by keeping your car running better and longer. One of the best ways to do so is to change the oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. If you don’t feel like paying a dealership a load of money to do it, this guide from Castrol shows you how to do it yourself.
  5. EcoDrive : Get tons of tips for how to adjusting your gas foot to reduce your carbon footprint. They include how to start, stop, and what speed to maintain. Videos are also included.
  6. Inflate to Reduce Carbon : Just like sneakers protect feet, tires are what the car runs on. Poor inflation can lead to all sorts of problems like shorter tire life, poor mileage, and damage to the suspension. Keeping your tires inflated at the right PSI at all times is an easy and expensive way to maintain the life of your tires, car, and gas tank.
  7. Cap It! : We never think about it until something goes wrong, but a gas cap is an essential part of keeping your car running properly. A missing, or even loose, gas cap can cost you hundreds of dollars in lost gas and pounds of lost carbon. If unsure if yours is working properly, have a mechanic look at it, and replace it right away if it doesn’t.
  8. Driving Quiz : Now that you know more about automotive ways to lower your carbon footprint, take this quiz. Multiple choice questions are asked, and a virtual drive is offered to those who pass all three levels. You can even post your scores on the leader board.
  9. Go Without : If you’re truly serious about lowering your carbon footprint, getting rid of your car altogether is worth a look. This book by Chris Balish shows you how to do just that. He tells you the true cost of ownership, economical and environmental alternatives, and over 100 real world tips for getting around.

Temperature Ways To Lower Your Carbon Footprint In College

Your dorm room or home can get cold or hot depending on what time of year it is, but staying on top of it can save loads of carbon emissions and a few bucks on top.

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