Should you ditch the glitzy wrapping paper this Holiday?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Should you ditch the glitzy wrapping paper this Holiday for the good of the planet? The Browns of No.10 Downing Street are certainly doing it.

My personal view on the glitzy metalized wrapping paper is that it would be better it would be ditched altogether, and that includes the manufacture of them.

Most kinds of glossy wrapping paper – and the metalized ones are nigh on a metal foil – are not recyclable and hence, unless people open the gifts carefully and keep the paper for reuse, all of this stuff will end up in landfill where it stays for years and years.

If that is not the option then ditch the glitzy “paper” and go for another option. One of them is to actually make your own from whatever suitable may come to hand, such as comics pages from newpapers or even just simply the newspaper pages.

While this would appear to be very Scrooge-like it is the gift that counts and not the paper, as far as I see it.

So, follow the Brown's example and ditch the glitz.

© 2009