Green Gift Wrap

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Nowadays everyone seems to want fancy wrapping “paper” with which to wrap holiday gifts or other presents in.

I use the term paper rather loosely here, and hence it is put into the inverted commas, as quite a lot of that “paper”, in our present time, is more of a tinfoil and plastic rather than, in fact, paper.

But why bother with expensive fancy “paper”at all. It should be the gift that does it and counts and not the paper it is wrapped in or the box it comes in.

If done right other things can substitute well for the fancy, and often rather expensive – to you and the Planet – wrapping “paper” that cannot be recycled and will end up, unless carefully removed and saved for reuse, in the landfill.

Homemade gift bags, either from templates available on the Internet and then printed on your printer, if the gift is small enough; bags made from newspaper or just simply newspaper as wrap makes a great and Mother Earth friendly gift wrap and if done right, as said, will also convey a message to the recipient. This will be a message that you care for the environment and not that you are a Scrooge, of that I am sure.

Let's look at alternatives and starve the merchants of this expensive wrapping stuff that ends up harming the Planet.

© 2009