Copenhagen Climate Summit Emissions

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The gathering of politicians and scientists and other so-called experts on climate plus the protesters, their travel to and from Copenhagen and their stay, will probably have created more harmful emissions – and that aside from all the political hot air – than many a small developing country creates in a year.

And it is those people that will want to tell ordinary mortals like the majority of us how we should live and act as regards to CO2 emissions.

The same is true for the thousands of protesters from around the world. While some of them may have traveled to Copenhagen and back by train or other more environmentally friendly ways others – many others – will have gone by plane. All of this is just screaming hypocrisy and that very loudly indeed.

If those people, politicians, scientists and “experts”, and campaigners alike, are all really serious about the issues that plaque Mother Earth then then entire summit would and should have been done as a virtual event by means of the Internet.

Entire congresses and symposiums at times are now run and being held in that was but when it comes to a gathering of politicians and such this seems too be impossible. Why? (Rhetorical question; answer follows below).

The answer, methinks, is rather a simple one. They like to slap each other on the back and posture and strut about like peacocks and all that and that does not work well in the reals of virtual events.

So, as per usual with that crowd, it all boils down to a “do as we tell you but not as we do!” Great, eh?

Ordinary households get penalized now for creating too much waste while Whitehall and other such locations just carry on regardless; or at least so it would seem.

When the government complained – and a disgrace it is – that we waste about half of the food that gets produced and bought no mention was made of the kitchens and restaurants at the Houses of Parliament, for instance, where food waste is gigantic.

It is, as per usual, one rule for the ordinary folks and one for them up there at the top; those in government. Ordinary folks get all the lessons – though no doubt useful for some – how not to waste food and what to do with leftovers, and the government catering places continue to waste as per usual.

But, as said, I have the same issue, as I have with the politicians and the scientists and “experts” on climate change, with the campaigners, the climate protesters, for emitting all that carbon traveling to and from Copenhagen and their stay there.

How can they claim their actions to be right and beneficial when it is all nothing but total hypocrisy them being there.

How are people going to take us, who want to make a stand, in the proper way, for Mother Earth, seriously when those that claim to be against all that waste and the emissions, etc. add their own to it by going to Copenhagen and spending all the days of the event there.

Reality check please!

© 2009