Peak Oil! Another Myth?!?

Are we being lied to again?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

According to specialists in the field of geology as regards to oil there is no geological “peak oil”; just a political one.

This was mentioned on some radio broadcasts on the BBC recently with regards to the untapped Iraqi oil reserves which, according to the experts, are larger than the Saudi Arabian ones have ever been.

Time and again, however, in certain circles it is being claimed that the world is either nearing “peak oil” or has already reached this level and even gone beyond.

Experts, on the other hand, said, state that there is no reason for a geological “peak oil” anywhere and that reserves known and yet not full known will take many decades to centuries – possibly up to 200 years – to reach the “peak” level that is being talked about under the term “peak oil”.

The only thing, so experts, that is causing a feeling of “peak oil” is created politically by oil producing nations.

So, why are half-truths, falsehoods and even outright lies, yet again, being perpetuated by certain people and groups within the environmental movement as to the availability of oil in the ground?

While I will say, on the record, that I believe that we must stop burning oil in cars, power stations, etc., for the good of the Planet and humankind and should hold on to the oil for all the other products that we need oil for, the truth appears to be that there is not going to be any geological shortage of oil in the foreseeable and even further distant future.

Oil is way too valuable, though, to be burned as a fuel and emission-wise also harmful for humankind and the Planet in general. Many of the respiratory diseases affecting children and adults alike today can be traced back to the use of oil in the motorcar, etc. But, as said, it would appear that we are not about to reach, let alone have we reached, anywhere near “peak oil”. At least not on a geological basis.

The political basis, on the other hand, is a different story altogether as many oil producing nations and oil companies are creating an artificial “peak oil”, holding everyone to ransom, for more and more profit.

Humankind must, regardless of oil possibly lasting for another century or more, develop transportation and energy systems that are not dependent on oil or other fossil fuels.

Oil and other fossil fuels, such as coal, are too dangerous for to be burned, as already stated, and oil way too valuable to be wasted in that way until we have viable alternatives to oil for much needed chemicals and plastics. After that we just leave oil be and be done with it.

It is not possible, for instance to replace the plastics used for the cases of laptops, netbooks, cellphones, etc., with anything else. Wood does not work there (and please no one mention bamboo – it is not a viable alternative in more than one aspect) and the use of metals are not an alternative either. Bio-plastics, that are produced from biological sources and that also will biodegrade and even compost are becoming available slowly but until such a time that we have a real alternative we must preserve oil, even if it is going to last for a few more hundred years and not burn it.

While we must, for the sake of Mother Earth and all Her children, human and non-human alike, find an d use alternatives to fossil fuels for our energy needs, “peak oil”appears to be yet another unsubstantiated myth being put about by certain groups of people, many with very much a hidden agenda.

Lies abound in so many sectors here that it is not surprising that the Average Joe does not believe it all.

Many a common man seems to be able to see right through the shenanigans going on in the politically-manipulated scientific world.

While, as said, we need to urgently develop alternatives to the fossil fuels upon which our energy production and our transport infrastructure is based, honesty also must be employed again if people are to take notice and come with us on this journey. Period!

The message from geologists in the oil sector is: “There is no “peak oil” and we are still a hundred or more years away from it.”

So, who to believe? People who are experts in geology with an interest in keeping oil up and running or others? May the reader use his or her own mind as to this.

© 2009