Hole in ozone layer protects Antarctic from over-effect of warming

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This was the message that was put out in early December 2009 in the release of a study by the British Antarctic Survey.

I have been saying for years (and I am no scientist), ever since the “discovery” of this hole in the ozone layer that it may have always been there and that it may be a kind of safety valve for Planet Earth.

The reason that this hole was suddenly “discovered” is that our satellite imaging had gotten good enough and to a stage where it was able to “see” it, nothing else, and this hole may have been, although changing in shape as and when needed, there in the ozone layer ever since the Earth formed.

But the scientific community not even considered that possibility and immediately claimed that CFCs were responsible for this hole and that this might be the beginning of the ozone layer being destroyed entirely by those gases. So, all refrigeration appliances had to be changed and the propellants in spray cans too, all at a high cost to manufacturers and the consumer.

This was another one of those unproven theories that everyone ran with immediately and taken as Gospel the explanation of the scientists.

New fridges and freezers had to immediately have new harmless coolants and spray cans of all kinds had to have “ozone friendly” propellants, and manufacturers of the right kind of coolants and propellants got rather rich on this, I should think.

Now, we are finally being told that the hole in the ozone layer seems to be good for something. Maybe that's what the Creator Spirit designed it for; so that Mother Earth would not overheat? None of the scientists even thought of that now.

It would seem that each and every time that modern man seen any kind of phenomenon that he has not, as yet, encountered, such as this hole in the ozone layer, or some warming on a global scale, he has to find some man-made reason for it. It just could not be something that Mother Earth does Herself now, could it. It has to be something that we have done by using this or that.

So, maybe CFCs were not very good to be used and maybe they even have cleaned the air up but, so it would appear, that hole is still there, and thanks be to the g-ds that it is, and the same might just be with any efforts of reducing CO2 in the atmosphere and all that. It also may have no effect whatsoever on the changing climate that the world may be going through.

And while we concentrate on tackling climate change – which may not make any difference – the rest of the environment goes to pots by our inaction and lack of resources to do something about it, because all resources are tied up with the former and not the latter.

A cool Planet without any forests, and with polluted soil, water and air, is not much good either, I am sure, and one whose mountains have been blown up in an easy quest for coal. Mountaintop removal is the cheap option in comparison to deep mining and so they rather destroy entire ecosystems for that stuff than to spend some money and do it the old-fashioned way.

Greed is what is destroying the Planet faster than anything else. We have to stop it and stop it now.

© 2009