It does not matter what I do, it makes no difference

One person's action does not make a difference, is what so many believe but it does...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Many, way too many, people believe that it makes no difference whether or not they do their bit for the Planet as regards to Climate Change as individuals, as they believe that the action of on e person cannot make any difference.

The problem is though that so many think exactly the same and for that very reason of belief they do nothing. “I cannot make a difference”, is so often the message that we near.

The truth is, however, that any little bit does make a difference and when everyone who thinks as above changes to understand that what he or she does – even if he or she perceives to be alone – does actually do make a difference.

In fact each and every action, however, small does make a difference and if all those of us who think that they cannot make a difference on their own actually do it then we are all together and make a great difference.

Now, let's go and do it.

© 2009