Grow Your Own made easy with Gardening Direct’s new Vegetable Collections for 2010

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Gardening Direct has built on the great success of their 2009 Autumn range of vegetables and produced an extensive line of Vegetable Collections for 2010.

Realizing the great demand for home-grown vegetables, Gardening Direct has made it easy for gardeners at every level of knowledge – from beginner to expert – to grow their own, regardless of the size of their garden or allotment. The company’s horticultural experts have hand-picked the best varieties of vegetable to ensure that they will grow happily in any garden, on a patio or even in a window box.

Highlights from the Spring range include a large selection of potatoes, with a new Successional Collection featuring Pentland Javelin, Carlingford and King Edward varieties plus three grow bags, allowing gardeners to harvest potatoes from Spring though to Autumn, whether in the ground or on a patio.

Other notable selections include Indoor and Outdoor Tomato Collections, with five varieties in each supplied as large plug plants, a red hot Chili Collection, two Patio Collections and a Root Vegetable Collection, Greenhouse and Salad Collections, the ever-popular Herb Garden as well as a Summer Veg Collection, the perfect starter selection.

Also destined to be best-sellers in 2010 are the All Year Round Collections, available in Family plot (20 x 30ft) or Small Plot (10 x 10ft) sizes. These costs £149.95 and £49.95 respectively, with the vegetable varieties supplied as large plug plants throughout the year at the optimum time for planting, along with full growing instructions. The former includes 27 different varieties (enough to feed a family of four all year) while the latter offers a selection of nine popular vegetables.

Other notable additions include an increased selection of Vegetable Seeds as well as new Onion and Garlic bulbs, including Garlic Elephant, which produces extra large bulbs of super-smooth flesh, perfect for slicing and roasting.

Prices for all the vegetable varieties are highly competitive, starting at only £2.19 for seeds and £4.99 for plug plants. For more information please see

Growing from plugs is one of the surest way and method to get to a good vegetable garden. While seeds are, obviously, much cheaper to buy you have to have the space to start them and grown them on and all that, before they even ever reach the plug stage.

While, as said, growing from seed, is cheaper, probably, than buying in plugs, there is no guarantee that all your seeds are viable for I have had for example, often only one out of five bean seeds actually grow into a plug-size plant and then a full plant.

The problem with seed is that it is not always reliable and for those that want to be certain that they have viable plants that are capable of growing into food plants the best way might be plugs from sources such as Gardening Direct.

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