Council Christmas lights waste

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London/Copenhagen, December 2009: While the representatives of our governments talk about CO2 emissions and such like at the COP15 in Copenhagen, Denmark and are trying to teach Third World countries about reducing emissions at home local authorities waste valuable energy and cause serious emissions by having those, in my opinion, stupid Christmas lights blinking away all over the place from about November onwards.

Once again it is a “do as we say, don't do as we do” case and this keeps going and on like that. They love their talking shops but they really do not want to do anything about it, that much is obvious.

Those decorations and trees all decked in twinkling lights have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and the birth of the Christ whatsoever.

It may be a representation, more, of the Festival of Light, whether as Hanukkah of Judaism or the “Santa Lucia” festival in Scandinavia, the latter which is born out of a pagan feast.

The problem is, though, that those light decorations by government, local and central alike, industry, and private homes, puts a great strain on the country's electricity generating capacity and supplies and with it also causes damage to Mother Earth.

When one drives or walks around many neighborhoods one sees house after house lit up like Christmas trees on the outside with, often, thousands of twinkling lights, lit up Santas, reindeer, snowmen, etc., which not only cost the homeowners lots in electricity bills but simply is also a strain on the system and the environment.

Add to that now the lights in cities, towns and even villages, that are blazing away there to create a holiday atmosphere while doing damage to the atmosphere and we are really talking problems.

In addition to that every minute that those lights are on they are costing the local Council Tax payer money and for what. What service do those lights provide? None. However, because councils are strapped for cash they are looking at cutting vital services.

They could save tons if they'd stop those silly lights and also reduce the heating temperatures in their town halls and such, where in most cases they run the thermostats at 25C, which is nigh on 80F. But at the same time it is they that are telling the ordinary householders to turn their heating down and such like.

One rule for them and one for everyone else, obviously.

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