Woodburning Stoves Launches Free E-Book Twitter Campaign

It has come to light that Woodburning-Stoves, a well established online retailer of Stoves have recently started a campaign on Twitter to gain more followers by offering a brilliant free e-book to new followers; http://www.woodburning-stoves.co.uk #woodburningstov

gI_64431_Untitled-1 Woodburning-Stoves, the online specialists in woodburning stoves and multifuel stoves, has launched a Twitter marketing campaign, whereby it is offering a free e-book to all new followers from 9th-22nd January.

The E-Commerce company is encouraging Twitter users to follow them @woodburningstov with the incentive of an “Everything You Need to Know about Woodburning Stoves” e-book.

(We’ve compiled a fantastic e-book which gives really detailed information on woodburning stoves and we’re offering it as an incentive for people to follow us on Twitter)

As an expert in online trading Woodburning-Stoves embraced the internet early on and this pioneering approach is being continued through its use of Twitter. As part of the company’s marketing campaign, and through offering a high quality e-book, Woodburning Stoves is hoping to drive traffic to its website as well as generate interest on the social networking site.

Scott Morris, Marketing Manager, said: “We’ve been using Facebook and Twitter for a while but we felt it was time for a bit of an online push. We’ve compiled a fantastic e-book which gives really detailed information on woodburning stoves and we’re offering it as an incentive for people to follow us on Twitter. We’re hoping this will generate some significant online interest.”

The campaign is running for two weeks from 9th-22nd January. Already the Woodburning Stoves Twitter profile has over 800 followers and is growing all the time.

Tim Hodge, Website Administrator at Woodburning Stoves, said: “This is a really exciting campaign and I’m looking forward to diving into it. It’s a well-known fact that followers on Twitter need to be earned and we think by offering this e-book we are doing something which sets us apart. If we can generate an interest in what we do then it can only be a good thing.”

The e-book is impressive and weighing in at 98 pages provides a wealth of information for everyone from the complete novice to the seasoned enthusiast. With the level of detail that is included there’s definitely something for everyone.

Tim Hodge continued: “We’ve thought carefully about our use of hashtags on Twitter, so if there’s someone looking for stoves or heating products, they should see our tweets and then if they’re looking to buy they can be easily directed to our site and all the great offers we have. If someone doesn’t have a specific interest in woodburning stoves, we’re hoping that after reading our e-book they will. We’re pretty excited about this campaign and we’re tweeting to remind people of it and we’re looking forward to delving deeper into twitter and making it a larger part of our overall marketing.”

There’s still time for Twitter users to get their hands on their e-book . All they have to do is follow @woodburningstov before 22nd January.

Woodburning-Stoves has been part of the Plumbworld Network since launching in 2010. This year it continues to make its mark on the online stove market. Plumbworld was an early pioneer of online trading, started by James and Anita Hickman in 1999 and was sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006, Plumbworld now employs more than 50 people in its purpose built warehouse and offices and boasts an astonishing 50 websites selling everything from bathroom mirrors and draper tools to barbecues and electric showers. The business has a turnover in excess of £18 million and is growing at more than 20% year on year.

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