Taming the Paper Tiger is Educational for All

SmartPay has something new to offer the community. As a part of our commitment to the environment, education, and the community, we're offering a free download for educators at http://www.gosmartpay.com/teachers/

gI_70011_smartpay_logo_color Fargo, ND January 2012 : Onsharp’s SmartPay has something exciting to share. As a part of their commitment to the environment, education and the community, SmartPay is offering a free download for parents and teachers.

“Taming the Paper Tiger” is an educational lesson plan about paper and the environment that can be found on the SmartPay website.

Teachers and parents can use the plan in school or at home to teach the importance of minimizing paper waste to younger generations. The fun and engaging unit meets North Dakota State Curriculum Content Standards in a number of areas including; English, language arts, math, health, library/technology literacy and science. The multi-level lesson plan is versatile for all elementary school students and has options for children in Kindergarten to sixth grade. The lesson plan contains many different activities including a reproducible folktale, hands-on activities and a coloring page.

Share this resource with your kids, teachers and others in your community. The more that our community knows about being environmentally responsible at school, home and work, the better it’ll be for everyone. To download the lesson plan, please visit http://www.gosmartpay.com/teachers/.

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