Lakeland Spring 2012 “around the home” catalog – Preview

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The latest Spring 2012 catalog from Lakeland is about to drop thought your letterboxes. As a writer I have had the privilege to get mine earlier than the rest for a sneak preview.

This catalog is, primarily, geared up to one of the main annual tasks around the home in Spring, namely that of “Spring Cleaning”.

This is – once again – a catalog jam-packed full with great ideas and tools, with a fair few, once again too, falling in one way or the other under the “green” and “eco” label; at least as far as I am concerned.

Cleaning is not a task that most people – aside from, maybe, professional cleaners – relish and spring cleaning, the big clean, definitely falls into that category of not relished tasks. Therefore anything that can make that task and that of daily cleaning easier, less arduous and more fun is, I am sure, most welcome by all.

As said, every aspect of cleaning is covered, as are related tasks, from floor and carpet sweeping and cleaning, and keeping them all clean, via furniture care, dish washing to laundry and more.

On the “green” side we find – on page 11 – help with our daily floor and carpet sweeping tasks in the form of the Bissell® Natural Sweep manual carpet sweeper, as well as in the form of the Gtech® EcoCharge Floor Sweeper, the SW20, reviewed some time late last year in the “pages” of this here Blog.

On page 18 and 19 you will find some great looking brushes made from natural materials, that is to say goats' hair, and real wood in two out of three instance, whether it is for dusting your Venetian blinds, your radiators or for remopving cobwebs.

Micofiber cloths are everywhere and the E-Cloth range, which seems to be expanding further each and every time (or is that just me?) can be found on page 26 and 27 of the catalog.

New in Lakeland's range in this catalog is the Astonish® cleaning paste which, so I understand, does a great job in cleaning while being gentle to hands and the environment. This can be found on page 32.

This is but a small selection of what caught my attention and only a very tiny selection of what can be found in the catalog.

Along with that catalog arrived a Spring 2012 Gift Ideas catalog and there will be lots of it in there that, I am sure, will make you smile.

One things that caught my attention in that catalog as to green and eco if the Power 'N Go S-200 Solar Panel on page 28. I shall try to endeavor to get my hands on an example as sample for a review. So keep a look out for that.

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