High Speed Rail Two

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

London, UK, January 2012 : The British government has said that they are going to press ahead with the high speed rail line from London to Birmingham; a system that absolutely no one but they want, not even the business travelers.

highspeedrailThe Transport Minister has basically told objectors that they can go and whistle Dixie and that nothing, absolutely nothing, will be allowed to – pardon the pun – derail this project. Nothing, the Minister said, will be allowed to stop this rail service which will be blighting some of the most beautiful areas of the English countryside.

The line will also cut right across many a farm with farmers having no ideas as to how they are going to be able to get from one side of their farm to the other, aside from a round trip of, at times, thirty miles and more.

This totally unnecessary rail line and -service will cost of 33 billion British Pounds, money which would be much better spent on improving the existing rail infrastructure and services.

The great majority of rail users have no problem with the fact that the journey to and from Birmingham on the London to Birmingham route takes about and hour and thirty minutes. They wish for better trains, cleaner trains, less crowded trains, more reliable services, and more frequent services, that's all. They do not, necessarily, ask for faster services. Very few if any do.

So, why the waste of money on something that no one really wants?

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