Do the British people “get” green?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

I sometimes must seriously wonder as to whether the majority of the British people actually “get” green and eco and the need to change.

For some reason, it would appear, that the Dutch, Danes, Germans and Swedes (no, not the vegetables) have a much more open attitude and understanding towards a change as far as “green” and “eco” is concerned. Most Brits just do not seem to “get” it, including many of our politicians and our “dear leaders”.

As far as our politicians and the “dear leaders” are concerned there is a lot of talk and an even greater amount of hot air; enough hot air to turn the world into a hot air balloon, but that is about it.

The High Speed Rail II project is just one perfect example of not getting green and eco as far as our “dear leaders” are concerned and the go-ahead that was given in 2011 for a great number of nuclear power stations is yet another.

But it is, unfortunately, not just the politicians and our “dear leaders” who either don't grasp it or just don't understand that whys and wherefores. Business and general public too do not seem to “get” it; compared to people and business in, say, Germany, Holland or Denmark, for example.

I must say that those who “get” green and eco in Britain (and those that case) seem to be very much in the minority and that must change. Incentives as to some things, e.g. reverse vending machines for bottles, plastic and glass, would be a start. Will the British government have the political will to do it though is a question.

The problem of the Brits not getting “green” is due, often, to ignorance and also the fact that they don't care, while to a great extent it may just be that people think that what they can do as individuals does not count and has no effect.

However, every little act of kindness towards Mother Earth has an effect, especially if we all would understand that.

If we bear that little thought in mind that every little act make a difference to our environment and the health of it even the majority of the British people might begin to get it. Bar, obviously, those that say “f*** the environment”, and there are some.

© 2012