“The Bill of Wrongs” Released By Absolute Rights Reports

“The Bill of Wrongs” Released By Absolute Rights Reports On The Survival Of The American Economy By Increased Drilling Of The Bakken Oil

America’s fastest growing manufacturing sector, the oil and natural gas revolution, is covered in depth by “The Bill of Wrongs” ebook that was recently released by Absolute Rights.

“The Bill of Wrongs” begins the report with the full story on the 24 billion barrels of the Bakken oil reserve fields of Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, that can help the survival of America’s economy, by doubling America’s proven oil reserves.

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Austin, TX, January 2012 : America’s economy is discussed in depth, along with solutions for it’s survival, in “The Bill of Wrongs” that has been recently released by Absolute Rights.

Harold Hamm, who understands everything about the energy business, is discussed in “The Bill of Wrongs”, because he discovered the Bakken reserve. “The Bill of Wrongs” explains how Harold Hamm recently visited the President in Washington D.C. to discuss the potential of how to break America’s dependency on foreign oil, by supplementation with oil from the Bakken oil fields.

(Harold Hamm’s accomplishments brought to the energy industry, what Steve Jobs brought to personal computing.)

“The Bill of Wrongs” exposes how the current administration has addressed the extraction of oil from the Bakken reserve. The Absolute Rights eBook “The Bill of Wrongs”, reveals the fact that there are approximately 10 million royalty land owners in America, which would benefit financially when drilling is done on their land. “The Bill of Wrongs” eBook points out that because of the quantity of land owners who would receive these payments, causes the oil field wealth to be widely shared. “The Bill of Wrongs” explores the fact that the U.S. imported oil has currently dropped from two thirds in the 1990’s, to approximately 40%, with the ability for imported oil to drop into the single digits from increased drilling in the Bakken oil reserve.

“The Bill of Wrongs” discusses in depth about how Harold Hamm’s survival skills in the energy industry pushed him to develop the horizontal drilling technique, which allows oil rigs to reach two miles deep, then spread thousands of feet horizontally. This horizontal drilling technique that “The Bill of Wrongs” points out, has unlocked new fossil fuel sources, because it allows for a much more affordable cost of drilling for oil. As “The Bill of Wrongs” makes the comparison in the beginning of the eBook, that Harold Hamm’s accomplishments brought to the energy industry, what Steve Jobs brought to personal computing.

Absolute Rights published “The Bill of Wrongs” with current information about liberty, The Bill of Rights, and survivalist strategies, along with civil liberties information. To download a complimentary copy of the $49 eBook, “The Bill of Wrongs” which examines the great collapse of America’s economy and infrastructure go to www.absoluterights.com/free-report/bill-of-wrongs/

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