Cuppow! Your Ticket To Fast Coffee In Cheap And Cheerful Mason Jars

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Sorry... Doh?

Why not get a KeepCup at about the same price or a little more which will not be dependent of an Atlas Mason glass jar?

cuppow-lid.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart There are indeed people who try to be so green that they drink their coffee, which then has to be organic, fair trade, and all that jazz, from Atlas Mason jars being reused.

Until now those very same had no choice as to sit down or walk slowly if they wished to drink their coffee. Now, however, designer Aaron Panone and Joshua Resnikoff banish this problem forever, turning the standard Mason or Ball Jar into a sippy cup just like the one you enjoyed as a child.

Cheap - says the “ad” at $7.99 at Cuppow. I hardly think so... and who in their right mind would want to wanter around with a glass Mason jar (hey, you know you can reuse it for canning... you can, honest) or even the ceramic “I am Not a Paper Cup” cup.

As already said, the KeepCup will do a much better service and you can just stick it into your pocket when empty, it fits under the machines in the coffee bars – it was designed for that very purpose – and you do not run the risk of it breaking, and that for a few bucks more.

Cuppow... I think not...

© 2012