Home London 2012 – Visit Report

The UK's premier new design homewares event has finally arrived...

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Home_Grey_logo The new home show running alongside of Top Drawer Spring 2012 and hopefully we will see at least an annual return of Home London.

I must say that I have been very pleasantly surprised by this new show organized by Clarion, the company behind Top Drawer and others. Saying it was a fabulous show may not, actually, convey it properly.

I very much regret that I had not booked myself at least two days so as to cover Home London and Top Drawer Spring 2012 properly; I had to race through the latter in order to manage to do it all on one day, as planned.

Next time round I shall allocate one full day day for Home Show and one for Top Drawer so as to be able to do justice to both by being able to spend more time with exhibitors.

The quality of the exhibitors was great and many new and innovative ideas were presented.

95% Danish and 95% Dutch, which is one company, basically, presenting some very interesting items from Danish and Dutch designers and there are some very interesting pieces that fall into the green category that I hope to be able to feature here in the not too distant future.

A company new to me though which many readers on the European mainland no doubt will know was koziol with their many cute items of homewares. Among koziol's the new launches with are a coffee filter machine that uses no electricity and the “Aroma to Go” thermo beaker for your favorite coffee on the move. Plus, I hasten to add, many other items.

Black & Blum is yet another company that was represented with interesting products, some which also fall in the our category, and hopefully I will also be able to feature some of them shortly here on the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW.

Yet another company of interest at the show was ashortwalk which makes great products from recycled vending machine plastic cups and yogurt pots. The products include weather stations, clocks, chalkboards, plant labels, coasters, etc.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank Nicky at the press office for her always cheery composure, even when things may have gone a little awry.

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