Recycle Real Christmas Trees to Sustain Green Benefits

The Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association reminds consumers to choose a green disposal method for Real Christmas Trees.

Portage, Wis., January 2012 : Real Christmas Trees are the clear environmentally friendly choice for the holidays. After the trees have been enjoyed, it’s important to choose a green disposal method to sustain the environmental benefits.

Recycling is the most common option. With more than 4,000 local Christmas tree recycling programs throughout the United States, there is sure to be one in your area. To find a recycling center in Wisconsin, visit Earth911 or Christmas Tree Recycling and search by city or zip code. Some cities offer curbside pickup. Check with your local municipal office.

Other recycling options include moving the tree outdoors to provide a bird habitat in your backyard. Remove the ornaments first and then secure the tree using stakes and twine. The birds will love the extra cover. Spread some large pine cones with peanut butter and bird seed and hang them from the branches, or just hang purchased suet.

If you have access to a wood chipper, you can also make your own mulch. Simply cut the tree into smaller pieces to fit into the chipper. The homemade mulch can be used in gardens, around plants and for garden paths.

Christmas trees are also used in lakes and streams to help stabilize the shoreline or provide fish habitat. Check with your lake association or fishing club to find out if they are in need of your tree.

Remember, the green benefits of Real Christmas Trees continue throughout the year.

For every tree harvested, one to three seedlings are planted the following spring. Often, Christmas trees are planted on land that is unusable for other crops, helping to preserve green space.

The Wisconsin Christmas Tree Producers Association is an association of Christmas tree growers and related industry people who are dedicated to producing environmentally friendly, farm grown Christmas trees and wreaths. Real Christmas trees are the clear eco-friendly choice. Christmas trees are a renewable, seasonal product grown right here in Wisconsin.

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