Cool Stand – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Cool Stand strikes me as a very innovative design especially in its simplicity and which I find works fine but... and here come my caveats:

  1. As not all Laptops and Netbooks have a flat surface at near the very edge of the back, the place, however, where the Cool Stand must be affixed so as not to overbalance the computer.

  1. While the hook and loop fastener used for affixing the Cool Stand works fine but if the Cool Stand is being removed frequently, as will be the case if and when the computer does lots of travelling, it will wear out. Also the fastener surfaces could become clogged with dust and other materials, especially if the Cool Stand is removed and carried in a bag, as, as said, will be the case if the computer goes on travels.

Having said that, however, if it does wear out such strips as have been used can be bought at hardware stores, haberdashery stores and some supermarkets, at least in the UK. The only difference being that those available are predominately white in color.

I received this device as per my request from the makers and although my laptop (a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo) is not the ideal candidate for it due to the way the stand affixes to the bottom of the laptop on the back, as said above, and considering the fact that the connectors for head phone and microphone – important in my job – are in the front, it nevertheless worked out by using an wrist rest intended for a keyboard under the front of the laptop as can be seen from the photo.


Having had to turn the laptop over to affix the Velcro strip – for the first time for a long while – I found the intake for the fan totally blocked by dust. This is already one way where the Cool Stand will do a great job, namely in preventing this happening again.

Keeping a Laptop that is in use a lot – especially if it is replacing the desktop PC, as is more and more the case today – off the flat of the desk or table will, and that is the very purpose of this device, keep it cooler. And, as I have found, will also prevent dust and fluff from getting sucked into the air intake.

It is reckoned that using your Laptop on your – well – lap also posed a risk to health, especially for men. The heat generated is believed by many doctors to possibly be a cause of male infertility and low sperm count. Thus, the Cool Stand also provides a very beneficial service here.

The Cool Stand also puts your Laptop keyboard at a much more improved angle for typing and thus eliminates wrist and finger fatigue and strain to a large extent.

In constant use, as the Laptop is with me, it is noticeable how much the heat buildup is reduced to an almost negligible level and the back area of the computer is all but lukewarm at best; or should I say, at worst.

I know that some readers may probably wonder as to why I am reviewing the Cool Stand and as to what is “green” and “eco” on it, seeing it is, after all, a product made of plastic.

However, the fact that the Cool Stand prevents your Laptop/Netbook from overheating and thus extending its lifespan, theoretically and, hopefully, also practically. It is also better for you when using it on your lap.

In addition, unlike other stands that have fans built in to add cooling and thus requiring power, often via a USB port, reducing battery life, the Cool Stand is a passive device and does it by simply adding lift and an air space. No batteries and that also makes it a very good point.

I really can recommend this little device...

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