FDA ahead of the game, for once

FDA warned on PIP implants as early as 2000

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

fda-logo(2) The US Federal Drug Administration (FDA), well before its EU counterparts, recognized the problems and dangers with the PIP breast implants and warned about it. No one was, it would seem, however, listening, and least of all the company bosses.

While the French government has acted, closed the company, and Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for the company boss, and is removing – free to the women concerned – all the implants, the British government still dillydallies about, which makes women with those implants go through hell and back.

The British ministers responsible claim that there is no proven health issue with the implants from PIP which were done here in the UK.

As they are the same implants as those in France (and elsewhere) and which France has recalled Britain sits and says “well, if women are worried then they have to get it done themselves”.

Nice one, British government...

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