This Monolithic Dome Home is Going Green by Conserving Energy and Putting Money Back into the Owners Pocket

This Monolithic Dome Home is Going Green by Conserving Energy and Putting Money Back into the Owners Pocket with a Unique Home Design

gI_69805_Bayrock 1 sundeck looking toward home is initiating a new practice to promote homes demonstrating sustainable building design and construction techniques. Any home owner seeking to advertise a home for a vacation rental can contact for this special promotion offer.

Going Green also means putting more green into your pocket

Cape San Blas FL., January 2012 : Doing the right thing is a total life commitment. One of the principles to be conscious of is the amount of waste we create. A big source of waste is due to energy usage of our homes. The average American home uses 36000 pounds of carbon based on an average family home size of 4. The planning process for a home is the most critical phase that determines how efficient a home will be. is dedicated to supporting persons doing the right thing. will promote any home demonstrating green building practices and innovative energy saving technology. The home featured here is a monolithic dome home. The following features make it energy efficient:

1.Passive temperature reserve. This is because the home is cement with the insulation on the outside rather the inside of the home. The cement acts as a temperature bank storing energy. This keeps the inside temperature relatively stable. Think of it like the ocean. The ocean temperature does not fluctuate as much as outside air temperature. Like water the cement acts like a temperature bank.

2.The windows are insulated with a UV reflective coating. Windows and doors are where most energy is lost. Having double pains and a reflective UV coating help to minimize energy loss.

3.The Copula Design is a cooling feature used for hundreds of years in desert climates of the Middle East. When the windows are opened in the summer the hot air escapes creating an upward draft drawing air through the home.

4.The home has a unique solar hot water heating system. Several hundred feet of black industrial strength hose has been placed on the roof of the front porch. The water is preheated before entering the hot water heater inside and is used directly for washing clothes before passing to the electric hot water heater. This is a very effective solar hot water heating system for minimum cost.

5.The coating of the home has a reflective quality to it. The coating reflects the UV rays of the sun preventing the house to heat up during the summer months. Most roofs that are a dark color will absorb the heat of the sun causing an increase in air conditioning requirements during peak summer months.

This home because of the design and the above named features requires half the energy of a conventional home of similar square footage per owner report. is promoting vacation homes that demonstrate green principles.

This home is available for rent on Contact the owner to organize a rental week and experience some of the energy saving features. This home owner states "saving as much as $4000 per year from reduced energy bills or $100,000 over 30 years". is promoting green homes. Contact with more good ideas to include in this series “Doing the Right Thing."

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