Lakeland 2lb Oblong Silicone Cake Pan – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Silicone as a cooking concept has been embraced by professional chefs and home bakers alike – an amazing material, it makes baking so much easier. Thanks to its amazing non-stick properties, the results simply pop out.


Conducting heat better than metal, your cakes will cook quicker, and they're so easy to store, squish 'em, squash 'em, roll 'em and fold 'em, they'll spring back into shape instantly.

  • Microwave and freezer safe.
  • Won't absorb flavours or odours.
  • Non-stick and easy to clean.
  • Won't crack or distort – heat resistant up to 240°C.

29 x 14 x 8cm H. (11½" x 5½" x 3")

Lakeland Catalog Ref #13294

The pan is made from what appears to be very high quality food grade silicone and performs well but one should use it for baking cakes only, as is intended.

I would – note to self – suggest not to use it for baking bread, as I tried, as the dough during the proving, when it is rising, will push out the sides of the pan, resulting in a misshapen loaf.

With cakes that do not – and most don't – require yeast things are a different story altogether here and the pan should perform well and as intended. I guess that it's why it says “cake pan” and not “bread pan” or “-tin”.

Removal of the trial loaf that I did bake in the silicone pan, however, was the easiest I have ever experienced without the use of parchment paper.

Using parchment paper in my heavy (duty) metal bread tin make also for a very clean and quick release and removal of the loaf without a problem.

As they say, it is “horses for courses”.

To recap: Great product for the intended purpose; don't use for bread.

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