Banks before people

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Our rulers have decided to save the banking system by sacrificing the living standard of the people on the altar of expediency.

It is good to see, I must say, that they have their priorities right and are protecting their (personal) interests. Who are the people anyway but just plebes, riffraff and a nuisance.

At least our rulers' incomes, bonuses, consultancy fees from banking and industry, and living standards are protected. It just would not do and be not proper if we'd allow any of our rulers and leaders to suffer poverty now. Not that there would be much of a chance of them suffering and experiencing poverty first hand anyway whatever.

While ministers vote themselves very hefty pay rises the frontline civil servants and municipal workers, the latter who are on some of the lowest incomes anyways, are forced to accept a pay freeze, at the threat of losing their jobs, for several years and a pay cut in real terms.

Our rulers, whether in Westminster, Washington DC, or elsewhere, sure know how to look after No.1 and after their friends and cronies who keep them well supplied. The people don't count and to them are but serfs to be oppressed and controlled.

They claim to be protecting the economy but aside from the banks they burned out no other businesses, especially none that really did something for the economy by providing goods and services and jobs.

In fact they are not even prepared to help “vital” industries and they are not even protecting local authorities so that the latter be able to provide vital and essential services to the community.

When people, ordinary people, lose jobs or when the threat of job loss is hanging over them they have no confidence to support the economy by spending money on this, that, and the other. Instead they try to make ends meet and hold on to the little that they may be able to “save” for the “just in case” scenario.

The actions of our rulers have absolutely nothing to do with supporting the economy but everything with propping up a corrupt banking system and a broken economic one.

When UK Prime Minister David Cameron in early December 2011 put in his veto, a veto of which no one took the slightest bit of a notice (so much for a veto in the EU), the the EU meeting about the Euro Crisis, his interest was only to protect the City, that is to say the financial institutions in the City of London and the Corporation.

The British people and their wish – in the majority – to get us out of the EU were not his concerns and were not even considered. In fact, David Cameron flatly refused to even entertain the idea of given the people as say as to continued membership of the UK in the European Union.

The banks are put before the people and the reason is as outlined. Time for a change, a serious change, methinks.

© 2011