London Bike Show 2012 at ExCel – Visit Report

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

How very exiting... NOT!

bicycle002 I am really beginning to be at a complete and utter loss as to why, despite the resurgence in serious cycling for commuting and shorter journey and for some the choice of personal transport, the only things that are on display at such shows are overpriced cycles, predominately street racers, BMX bikes and mountain trail bikes, and other kit, rather than “real” bikes.

With the exception of a very small number of companies the show was all but geared for those with lots of money who do extreme cycle sports.

Very few proper, affordable, commuter bicycles, and I do not class folding bikes here which are way too pricey anyways, could be found and let's not even talk about your ordinary general use bicycle.

While cycling is a sport too “Tour de France” kin d of bikes (and kit) hardly are any use to the ordinary punter, especially not the average person wanting to use a bicycle in order to get from A to B rather than a car.

The same goes also as regards to mountain and trail bikes. They are not, in the main, either, necessarily, what the ordinary user is going to be looking for.

Very much like the Cycle Show, which has moved from London to the NEC in Birmingham, the London Bike Show seems to, in my opinion, address the wrong target audience.

If the cycling industry really wants to get people onto bikes and out of their cars then it really has to get its finger out and get presence on such shows with real bikes, and that with bicycles that people can actually afford and which are, also reliable and what they need for day-to-day use.

Is it time for a “workhorse” bicycle show? Methinks that it could be...

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