Tips For Small Property Gardening

Upon first glance, limited gardening space can seem like an insurmountable obstacle in regards to mass food production, but, with a little creativity, it is far easier than one may imagine to produce reliable crops. These are just a few of the tricks that our family has been using for nearly a decade on 1/16th of an acre to grow healthy and delicious food for our family.

Border Planting/ Pea Patch and Chamomile

Companion planting has been instrumental in our success. For example, when we plant our carrot seed we also sprinkle French breakfast radish seeds among the planting. With a maturity rate of about 25 days, the radish is ready for harvest far earlier than the carrot so instead of thinning the carrot patch and dispatching a useless product, we are giving the carrots much needed space while putting a garden-fresh item on our plates. Then later in the season when the carrots are ready for harvest, we plant another group of radishes for a fall harvest thus maximizing our small space.

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