From green bonds to solar roads: France's low-carbon revolution is taking shape

History was made in France a little over a year ago when national delegates from across the world agreed on a landmark climate deal. With the Paris Agreement now ratified, the host nation is introducing a plethora of fresh green legislation aimed at transforming the way it interacts with the environment.

One year on from COP21, host nation France is keen to lead the climate movement and has introduced measures to ensure that it leaves a lasting green legacy

The city of Paris will forever be intertwined with the global push to transition to a low-carbon economy. For some, the Eiffel Tower remains a symbol of romance, but thanks to the Paris Agreement's successes, the landmark will also be remembered for the time that the phrase “for the planet” was draped across its front.

The COP21 talks set the global low-carbon transition into motion, with 195 nations ultimately agreeing on a binding climate change deal aimed at limiting global warming to a 2C rise. And the speed of progress since the December 2015 meeting has been staggering; little over a year later, the deal has been ratified and entered into force.

So, France was the place where mankind finally agreed to get serious about fighting climate change. And one year on, the country is keen to lead the climate movement and has introduced waves of innovative measures and legislation to ensure that it leaves a lasting climate legacy.

Here at edie, we’ve pulled out some of the recent landmark announcements that prove that France isn’t just committed to slashing at carbon emissions, but intends to create a more sustainable living environment for its citizens.

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