New net-zero Solar Farmhouse from Deltec generates all its own energy

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In these uncertain times of erratic weather and changing climate patterns, net-zero energy (or NZE) is quickly becoming the gold standard in green building. If you can generate all of your own energy on site, you never need to rely on the grid or worry about energy bills. The North Carolina prefab builders at Deltec launched a line of affordable net-zero energy homes last year to great fanfare from off-grid buffs around the U.S. Now we’re thrilled to see them introduce a brand new design to this collection; a charming, classically-styled Solar Farmhouse with all of the old-fashioned curb appeal, plus the futuristic technology that makes this home achieve net-zero energy.

We’ve been following Deltec as they’ve gained fame for their net-zero prefabricated homes and smartly structured hurricane-resistant round homes. The North Carolina-based company has just added a brand new model to their Renew Collection that turns a time-honored American design into a net-zero build. The Solar Farmhouse contains everything that the classic vernacular farmhouse possesses — a pitched roof, quaint front porch, white wood siding and simple lines — updated with a slew of energy-efficient features, including a passive solar design with a photovoltaic roof and an air-tight building envelope that Deltec says simply “can’t be duplicated in the field.”

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