17 Vegetables That Grow Well In The Shade


Most vegetables are high-light plants because they have to produce food. Sunlight is what helps them in food production process or photosynthesis. Unless they get sufficient time in the sun, they cannot make enough food for themselves and for us. However, there are a number of shade tolerant vegetables.

Leafy vegetables and herbs are at the top of the list because their food production as well as storage happens right there on the leaves. Root vegetables follow next. If you have a patch that receives light to partial shade, choose plants from the following selection.

1. Bok choy

Commonly called Chinese cabbage, this vegetable does not grow any cabbage heads, but have an open-leaved structure consisting of large, green leaves borne on long, spoon-shaped leaf stalks. High in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as cancer protective glucosinolates, bok choy is ranked by CDC as the second highest among nutritionally dense vegetables. It is worth growing in any vegetable garden as a cool season crop, but can be grown all through the summer in partially shaded areas.

Minimum sun 2-3 hours

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