Bible Smugglers

Or should we call them what they were? Spies in clerical disguise?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Bible1During the so-called Cold War era there were Bible smugglers at work behind the so-called Iron Curtain claiming, and thus conning the believers in the West, that Bibles could not be had in the GDR (East Germany), and other socialist countries.

Not only did they con those believers into cooperating with them and sending pages to addresses in countries such as the GDR, the USSR, Poland, etc., but also into parting with “donations” for the “work”.

What the Bible smuggler, some famous – though I shall not mention their names – some not so famous and some infamous, however, were doing was smuggling clandestine and conspirative messages across. It had nothing whatsoever to do with any unavailability of Bibles in those counties; none whatsoever.

The pages were Bible pages alright but what was written between the lines, literally and not just proverbially, was something else than the Gospel truth. How do I know? Because I saw those pages myself and the messages contained in the packages of Bible texts that the faithful sent weekly over to their “persecuted brethren” in countries behind the “Iron Curtain”.

The “work” those self-proclaimed missionaries were involved in was no more than espionage, plain and simple.

The house churches and such like who were claimed to be under persecution were cells of agents in the pay of foreign intelligence agencies, including and especially the CIA, BND (which is but a subsidiary of the CIA), MOSSAD, MI6, and other Western government ones, as well as private espionage agencies in the USA, and those “Bible smuggling missions” were the vehicles to make this all possible, but they were not alone.

Yes, so-called house churches were not well liked by the governments of the socialist states “behind the Iron Curtain” but that had less to do with the religious side but much more with the clandestine operations in which many were engaged, as well as the fact that the majority of those refused to acknowledge the laws of the state. They tended to reckon that only God's laws applied.

Not only the evangelical Bible Smugglers and their aides, gullible Christians in western countries who posted those “Bible parts” to be put together into Bibles in Russia, the GDR, Poland, etc., where Bibles just were impossible to buy and even illegal to possess (they were told), but the Roman Catholic Church too was in the game, though in that case as operatives, especially in Poland.

Almost every catholic church in Poland, the ČSSR, and other places, was an intelligence gathering station which would, through various channels, transmit materials to the Vatican' secret service who, in turn, would share that with those of NATO. In the GDR one could add to that many of the Lutheran churches. In many cases the priests (and pastors) also were the instigators of counterrevolutionary activities.

Members, and especially leaders, of the unofficial churches also and especially participated in those acts of espionage and dissemination of – more often than not – false information and outright lies to the Western intelligence services via “missionary” organizations and those “Bible Smugglers” and their “missions”. But, as said, the Roman Catholic Church too was involved in that game only in a different way.

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