The war against the alternative media

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

truth-hate-speechOn both sides of the Atlantic an order appears to have been issued by the Elite for an all out war to be waged against all media that are nor under their control.

This is yet another sign of what many of us have been saying for years – but then we are but conspiracy theorists – namely that freedom of opinion and freedom of speech is only valid as long as you only say that what the governments agree to. Anything outside the established order – so to speak – is unacceptable and – in some cases – can even be seen as domestic terrorism. All media that does not follow the accepted government line is “fake news”, “propaganda”, and “dangerous to democracy”.

This is now even applied to broadcast and print media in countries with which the “western powers” have a beef, such as Russia, as with RT and Sputnik being proscribed by the EU Parliament as “Russian propaganda”. The government broadcast and other media of places such as Germany, the UK, and the US, obviously are not, totally withstanding the fact that Deutsche Welle in Germany, for instance, and the BBC and Voice of America in the UK and the US respectively, have propaganda as their very brief. But, I guess, that is the right kind of propaganda.

Any kind of online media, whether website, Blog, or whatever, and any newspaper, magazine or other in the printed realm, that they cannot control and/or where editors and writers do not follow the accepted line and question what is being presented elsewhere is now propaganda and is being proscribed as “fake news” or as “propaganda” and even as not conducive to democracy or the common good.

Anyone who as much as publicly questions the line given by the government on certain events, such as 9/11 and 7/7 could be regarded as a “domestic terrorist” and treated as such under the law.

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