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Astonish Pro Cleaning Paste (from Lakeland – Product Review

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Astonish Multi-Use Cleaning Paste

23456_1 Astonishingly versatile, this gentle yet effective cleaning paste contains essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus plus powerful antibacterial properties to produce stunning results on glass, enamel, ceramic, granite, stainless steel, UPVC windows and more. Tough on stains and germs, it comes with an applicator and a sponge.

(Not suitable for highly polished stainless steel, silver, copper or brass.)

Lakeland Ref #23456


Astonish, the natural cleaning paste, is not, per se, a new product; not by a long shot of one's imagination. In fact, it has been around for a fairly long time, decades if not more. This pro version, on the other hand, does appear to be new, though.

Astonish is natural cleaning cream or paste par excellence, and will tackle the toughest of cleaning jobs with the addition of a little elbow grease.

It should be noted though that the product is slightly abrasive, containing silica sand, and thus best not be used on surfaces that are and are to remain mirror polished.

For all other jobs Astonish is safe to use including cups, plates, and other utensils that are used with food as there, so it states, are no harmful ingredients in the product.

I have been using Astonish before, the old version, and a copy of it called “Revive”, for many, many years, and have certainly suffered no ill effects and the product is doing an absolutely astonishing job.

Astonish can even be used on your hands to wash off grease, oil, garden grime, and such like. It works wonders in that department too.

This is a great product that can very much and wholeheartedly recommend. Natural and good for the Planet.

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