Last Chance to Take Advantage of Higher Feed-In Tariff

United Kingdom, February 17, 2012 : In recent years, solar panels have become a popular choice for homeowners. Not only because they reduce carbon footprint on the planet but also as they offer money saving opportunities. The latest news that the Feed-In Tariff will be halved in March has resulted in a ‘gold rush’ as people look to take advantage of the higher tariff. As the deadline gets closer, solar panels sites have seen a surge in sales.

It has come to light that the Feed-In Tariff will soon be cut from 43.3p per kilowatt to 21p per kilowatt. The cut will come in March but any installation which is completed before this time will benefit from the higher tariff.

Solar Panels Prices is offering customers the opportunity to compare prices from a range of installers. After filling in their details in the quote form, customers need only wait whilst the team at Solar Panels Prices scour customers’ local areas for the best deals on installation.

Each customer will receive three free, no obligation quotes on MCS registered suppliers and will be informed of the process before committing to installation. Those hoping to benefit from the higher Feed-In Tariff must act fast so that the installation can be complete before the deadline in March.

Further cuts will come in July and October so those who do miss out can still take advantage of the 21p per kilowatt tariff. For full details on installation and to save up to 75% off, visit

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