9/11 and its consequences worldwide

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The fear of the people has been and is still being exploited since the “attacks” on the Twin Towers in order to enforce a specific political agenda. Its main aim seems to be to install and expand more and more elements and aspects of a total surveillance state.

The war on terror has been lost because those that have been attacked – supposedly – have beaten themselves because they did exactly that what the terrorists wanted them to do. 1. To expose the supposed freedoms and liberties of our society as an illusion and a farce 2. To create a climate of fear and 3. To lash about with such an effect and in such a way that in the choice of methods the do-called democratic countries went a path worse than that of some of the worst dictatorships.

Wearing my conspiracy theorists hat I wonder as to whether what we are being led to believe as regards to the “attack” on 9/11 in New York City and the 7/7 one in London some years later is really the truth. It was all much too convenient for the authorities to launch their “war on terror” which, by now, has led to the worst infringements of our personal freedoms and liberties in the so-called free countries, such as the USA, the UK and others.

We are also being told that the war in Afghanistan and the attack and subsequent occupation of Iraq was all in order to keep our streets safe. Yes, and pigs apparently do fly.

Iraq was all about oil and, theoretically, so is Afghanistan, but in a different way, and the rest... well, it is all about people control.

It has been the aim of the powers that be for a rather considerable time to put everyone and everything under a total surveillance umbrella and proof of the pudding is now the fact that in Britain all emails, phone records, websites visited, etc., are going to be stored by the authorities for at least a full year. Just in case, they say, that the information might be needed to solve crimes.

In the same way as during the riots – yes, they were bad but – it was suggested that the Blackberry Messenger Service should be turned off as, so it was claimed, the rioters used that, and Twitter, to coordinate actions.

In light of the Occupy Movement the authorities in the UK and the USA have been and are considering the shutting down, as and when, social networks, while they had a go during the Arab Spring, at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, et al, for shutting down such services being against freedoms of the protesters. The two-faced attitude of our supposedly free democratic governments would be a joke and laughable if it would not be that serious an issue.

The “war on terrorism”, in fact, never was about terrorists and terrorism but was all about people control; about controlling the citizenry at home. They just needed to instil fear into the people so that they handed the few freedoms that they still had over to the powers that be entirely.

Nice one...

Time to wake up everyone and smell the flowers... Our governments are no benign and are more and more turning into the worst kind of dictatorships. The Stasi, KGB, and the Gestapo had nothing on the CIA, the FBI, MI5 and the rest.

We are like sheep led to slaughter while all the way bleating: “Thank you dear government for protecting us”.

© 2012