Reliance Foundry Offers Free Bike Racks to Schools and Non-Profits for Student and Community Bike Parking

R-8225 Bike Parking Stand from Reliance Foundry Schools, churches, campuses, and non-profit organizations can apply to receive free bike racks from Reliance Foundry in their "Take A Stand for Cycling" Campaign.

Surrey, BC, February 2012 : Reliance Foundry is excited to launch "Take A Stand for Cycling" -- a campaign to allow schools, churches, campuses, community groups and non-profits the opportunity to receive high quality bike parking stands from their discontinued product line.

“Take A Stand for Cycling” is about allowing communities to expand their secure bike parking options from our discontinued product line.

"Reliance Foundry is clearing models from our inventory that have been marked down to make room for newer models and styles in our product line," said Vice President Brad Done. "We have several models of high quality, secure bike parking stands that we will no longer be selling. We are giving businesses the opportunity to purchase these racks at the lowest prices ever, but we also want to do our part to help schools and other community-serving organizations to receive these racks at no cost for the rack purchase".

The end user would be responsible for paying the shipping charges on the bike racks and would need to have a local contractor provide the installation. However, receiving the racks themselves for free could save a school or campus hundreds of dollars, while giving students and local citizens a secure place to park their bicycle.

Bicycling has been steadily growing for sport, hobby and commuting over the past decade. With this increase in bike sales comes a need for businesses and communities to offer secure bike parking. Reliance Foundry is continually striving to bring the best products to the public, both in materials and design.

Schools, campuses, churches and non-profits who would like to contact Reliance regarding receipt of the free bike racks need to send an email to info(at)bike-parking(dot)ca. The email should include a brief description of their organization. Once Reliance Foundry acknowledges your participation, follow the ordering instructions to check availability of styles.

There are limited quantities of these clearance bike racks available at no-charge. These racks will be given away to recognized schools, churches and other non-profit community organizations while stocks last, on a "first-come, first-serve" basis.

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