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Wacky Practicals' Collapsible Coffee Dripper – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

wacky-coffee-dripper Coffee drippers, also known as coffee filters in some places, those manual devices, first made by the famous Melitta company, come in many different materials and from many different makers nowadays.

Basically, however, they are all the same and most use the standard Melitta filter papers, or you could call them filter bags.

Wacky Practicals has got a rather quirky and fun coffee dripper that collapsed down to a disc of less than half inch thickness and about six inches in diameter.. small enough to fit into a jacket pocket but big enough to make one to two cups of great coffee.

Great for camping, fishing, etc., but also useful at home or at the office.

The Wacky Practicals Collapsible Coffee Dripper is made from food-grade silicone and thus collapses with ease and should last for many years even if folded down time and again.

It uses the standard Melitta filter bags of the 1x2 size and is extremely versatile and practical. Greatest advantage, to me, is that being made from silicone it is unbreakable. I am rather clumsy, you see.

The Collapsible Coffee Dripper from Wacky Practicals is, by the way, cheaper that other type and makes of coffee drippers and you might not just want to use it for going camping or such but, in fact, will find that you want to use it at home too. I certainly have found that.


Amazingly simple but efficient.

Why run a coffee machine at one to two kilowatts electricity consumption for one mug or two ( I am referring here to coffee mugs and not people)? And while ceramic dripper from Melitta, the original, still exists, they break when dropped and even the hard plastic ones will – I know, I've been there and done it – the Wacky Dripper will not break. It'll just bounce and collapse.

Great product for sure.

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