Tips for a healthier greener 2012 with Fiskars

Forget the gym − get out in your garden for great results

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While we are already quite advanced, by a little over a month at the time of writing, into the new year 2012 and it is no longer that new, you can still make a resolution or two to change your life for the better, such as those below:

  • I will work less

  • I will exercise more

  • I will eat more fruit and vegetables

  • I will enjoy life more

In fact you can incorporate all these promises by simply spending more quality time in the garden.

At Fiskars they are committed to building on people’s quality of life and there’s no better way than starting with a garden inspired workout that keeps you fit all year round. Gardening is not only healthy for the environment, its health benefits extend to your mind, body and soul. So, if you want to get off to a great start to 2012, read on and make a life affirming promise to yourself!

Keep fit in the garden to lift your mood and your energy

  • On average, two hours of gardening is worth one hour at the gym, but with the additional benefits of fresh air and the visible results of your labor.

  • Turning soil, raking, digging snow, and swinging an axe not only burn calories, they also get your pulse going for an excellent cardiovascular workout.

  • Fiskars lightweight ergonomic tools are designed for optimal performance ensuring great results and no unnecessary muscle strain

Grow it yourself to supplement a healthy diet and save money

The raw ingredients for a healthy diet can all be grown in your garden.

  • Additives and preservatives come along for the ride with store bought produce. Why take a chance with extra chemicals in your diet when you can cut them out all together?

  • Growing your own makes financial sense, cuts out the supply chain and is good for your environment

  • Even in winter, fresh herbs grown in your kitchen add zesty flavor to your cooking and invaluable minerals and trace elements to your diet.

Spend time in the garden also to relax and meditate

  • Life is hectic enough so why not chill out in your own private space?

  • Physical labor frees your mind from static and induces a meditative state

I can definitely vouch for the latter as I am a professional in the gardening field and that of forestry and it is when at work some of my best writing ideas, in fact, seem to arrive. Thus I have always have to have a pen and some notepaper with me.

Working in the open air, whether just a little or rather strenuous is good for our body and our mind and much better so than any activity in the gym. Physically touching the soil seems to – in fact, even medics say so – have some real profound benefit to man (well, yes and woman and also child).

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