Egypt to become an Islamic Republic

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

After the success of the two Islamist parties in the elections in Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood has declared, though not directly from the rooftops, that the country is going to become an Islamic Republic with full Sharia Law, and all.

That the Muslim Brotherhood would become the main dominating party and that the country would become an Islamic Republic was the very fear after Husni Mubarak had been deposed and, it would appear, that this fear is about to become reality.

While many of us may think that Egypt is now a better place after the “departure” of Mubarak from the scene, myself included, it could be possible, though, that the Egyptian people, and the world, may have made a jump from the frying pan into the fire.

The West, including and especially the UK and the US, have a tendency and legacy to back the wrong horse and the create problems for itself, and the rest of the world.

It was, after all, Britain (with US help, I believe) which, in fact, created, the Muslim Brotherhood, then abandoned it and now may be about to be reaping the rewards of this act of political stupidity.

The same was done with Iraq and Saddam Hussein and also in Libya when Gaddafi was sent in, basically, to overthrow the then king. More than once have such actions turned round and bitten them and still they have not learned.

As far as Egypt is concerned the freedom the revolutionaries fought for have so far not materialized with the army holding on rather firmly to power and it was rather obvious to all but the most blind when the Army Council took over that this might happen, given the record of the Egyptian Army.

An Islamic Republic is not a greatest of propositions either but if that is the choice of the people of Egypt ina democratic process then, maybe, we better leave them to it, and I do mean “leave them to it”.

© 2012