Garden Press Event 2012

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

GPE This year's annual event for members of the garden media, organized by Uniquevents on behalf of the Garden Media Guild and GIMA, was held on Thursday, February 2, 2012, at the usual location, the good old prestigious Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster.

As we have come to expect by now the GMA, GIMA and the organizers brought together once again a great number of old friends and new folks, all with great products to help everyone enjoy their gardens and make more of them, from patio furniture to serious GYO kit, and everything in between.

Both the old established exhibitors, though some of the ones that used to be regulars were missing, and the new ones, all had many interesting and innovative products, etc., on display.

Grow-your-own, as far as food growing is concerned, is still high on the agenda of the consumer and it seems to be felt more, so it would appear, in places such as garden centers and stores such as B&Q and Homebase than with the seed companies direct.

Homebase said that they “GYO” range is selling really well as do canning jars and such. This would appear to show that a fair – not to say a great – number of people are trying to acquire again the old skills of food growing and of preserving the harvest.

Rollins Bulldog presented a ranger of gardening gloves just for the ladies only and also a range of new, long straight handled garden tools. They are of the kind of the so-called “Irish Shovel” and should be really useful indeed. Reviews to follow soon, I hope.

Fiskars (Sankey) presented a new rather funky line called Inspiration which includes, amongst others, bypass and anvil secateurs in Lily and Viola, bringing a little more color into gardening. In addition to that they showcased the latest tool – just to be released – and that is what could be referred to as a manual auger. If the success of the Weed Puller is anything to go by then I should think this is going to be yet another winner. I can't wait to try one out to put in some fence posts for the new run for the chickens. Awaiting sample as we speak.

The Garden Press Event is the premier place and venue for garden writers to visit with old friends and to make new acquaintances – which hopefully become friends – in the very beginning of the year and just before that gardening season kicks off again.

The 2012 Garden Press Event was another great one – shame that some old faces though were missing – and my thanks to to all concerned who made it thus.

However, I have one little suggestion, and I am sure a great many of my writer colleagues will agree with me, and that is with regards to the catering. Seating is required directly by the serving area with some tables and not in the middle of the hall at almost the far opposite end of the hall to the catering area.

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