Marie Colvin R.I.P.

Another honest voice silenced by state terrorism

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Marie_Colvin_RIP London, UK, February 22, 2012 : Sunday Times war correspondent Marie Colvin was killed today in the Syrian city of Homs during the fighting there. She was a brave woman and journalist of integrity.

As a fellow journalist, as a Blogger, I would like to offer my condolences to her family and friends and also to the family of the photographer, Remi Ochlik, who died with her.

I have never met Marie, that is true, but I have read and heard her words and thus know she was a journalist of the highest integrity. May she rest in peace.

Every time any of us, newspaper journalist or Blogger, in order to report the truth, goes into dangerous places and places him- or herself into harms way, we know we are placing our lives in danger, and Marie knew that only too well, but she believed that she had to keep going, despite having been nearly killed before in Sri Lanka.

Marie’s actions and her death show the bravery that some correspondents and journalists display in order to report the truth and what is really happening around the world. We must thank them for it.

Marie, rest in peace...

© 2012