White Flies Can Be Removed With New Environmentally Safe Cure From Planet Amazing

The flies are known for their destruction of garden plants and flowering plants.

Austin, TX, February 2012 : White flies are known for attacking tomatoes and other plants in gardens and flower beds. Now Planet Amazing has a non-toxic product that takes care of white flies once and for all, allowing garden plants to be healthy and safe. According to Justin Douglas of Planet Amazing, the new white fly product is completely safe for the environment and also for pets and humans, yet will eliminate white flies.

White Fly Guard

Mr. Douglas says that the product is called "WhiteFlyGuard" and was originally developed by scientists for professional organic vegetable farms so that the farms could safely kill white flies. Planet Amazing is now making it available to the public as an environmentally safe solution to eliminate white fly infestations. The white fly treatment is a fine white powder that covers the leaves for a few days and takes care of the problem, Mr. Douglas says.

"White fly infestations can ruin a garden," he says. "These relentless flies chew up plants and kill their chances to grow or blossom. But our product WhiteFlyGuard can kill white flies once and for all without poison. WhiteFlyGuard is a mechanical pesticide that kills white flies without harming your plants, in fact it's even safe to use around pets and especially humans because it's non-toxic - it only kills crawling insects like white flies and ants."

For those gardeners wondering how to kill white flies or how to get rid of white flies, Planet Amazing has launched this white fly treatment. The secret is the microcrystals in the dust, which are non-toxic and environmentally safe, Mr. Douglas says. "The rough microcrystal spears in WhiteFlyGuard attach to the legs and bodies of white flies as they crawl across it," Mr. Douglas explains. "When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out. Because of the tiny size of these crystals WhiteFlyGuard is harmless to your pets and family. Simply wet your plants and dust them lightly with WhiteFlyGuard. It's fine white powder lightly covers the leaves for just a few days, that's all it takes to be white flies free."

For more information, visit the Amazon.com page for WhiteFlyGuard.

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