The GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly has arrived

Finally the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly, the virtual print companion the the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Blog, has arrived.

I had been toying for a long time with the idea of bringing back a virtual print companion to the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW, after THE HOMESTEADER magazine was closed some while back and then turned into a Blog which was later merged with the the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW.

It has taken a while, I know, but now the the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly is here, which incorporates THE HOMESTEADER.

The idea is for the the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly to be free to subscribers as a PDF and presently there is no print option though I hope that some time in the future this may become feasible. But, the greener option is and remains the PDF and maybe, just maybe, we may just stay with that.

The Spring 2012 issue of the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly is an anthology of articles that have, over time, been on the Blog but I hope that readers will love to have it in this (new) form.

I have aimed it also to be coinciding with the fact that the new gardening season is starting again about now and also the season for doing laundry outside, at least the drying of it. Plus also some poignant articles as to what is happening on a political level.

In order to subscribe please send an email, headed GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly subscription request, to the email in the “Contact” section on the Blog.

The subscription is free, as said, and I look forward to welcoming you as reader to the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW Quarterly.

Take care,

Michael Smith (Veshengro)