“Sniper in Helmand”, the book the MOD tried to stop, has been published

Pen and Sword Books Launch New Title “Sniper in Helmand” - the Book That the MOD Tried to Stop Being Published

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

3383 “Sniper in Helmand” is a thrilling action-packed, yet very human, account of both front line service in the intense Afghanistan war and first-hand sniper action. Having never planned to write a book, James was encouraged to write down his experiences as part of his treatment for post traumatic stress disorder

January 2012 : Few soldiers are deemed good enough to be selected and trained as snipers and even fewer qualify. As a result, snipers are regarded as the elite of their units and their skills command the ungrudging respect of their fellows - and the enemy.

James Cartwright is one such man who recently served a full tour of duty with 1st Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment in Helmand Province. “Sniper in Helmand”, the book that the MOD tried to stop being published, describes the highs and lows of almost daily front line action experienced by our soldiers deployed on active service in arguably the most dangerous area of the world.

As part of the Battle Group’s crack Mobile Operations Group, James’s mission was to liquidate as many Taliban as possible. His book, the first to written by a trained sniper in Afghanistan, reveals the psychological pressures and awesome life-and-death responsibility of his role and, in particular, the deadly cat-and-mouse ‘games’ with the enemy snipers intent on their own kills. The author scored many kills, including a confirmed kill at over 1000 metres, one of the longest sniper shots with a .36 cal rifle ever.

Andy McNab inspired James to join the army and has written a moving foreword. James Cartwright, a pseudonym as his true identity cannot be revealed due to him being a Sniper. Snipers' identities are not allowed to be revealed for their own safety, served with the Royal Anglian Regiment.

With over 350 books published every year, Pen & Sword has established itself as a specialist book publisher. Over recent years the company has continued to grow and is now one of the UK’s leading military history publishers.


This article is based on the press release by the publisher and a review is to follow shortly and we will see as to whether the book lives up to the publishers' announcements.

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